Collaborative Projects

I happen to love helping others with their own projects :D
However I sometimes struggle with keeping up with everything at once ksksks

Anyway ! here's some details about said projects. If you wanna help, you're welcome to do so !

Paradox : The Infinity Abyss

I don't think I can say much about this one, but it's gonna be big !!! And honestly awesome.
I'm a writer + artist here, also designed a character :3


It is a webcomic where 4 characters get sucked inside a video game. Very fun.
I'm an artist.

Morals and Motives

Intended to be an animated series, I joined when it changed to be a comic, then it turned into a Podcast.
I was the storyboarder, now I sketch the promo posters.

Worlds Combine

A podcast project in which a bunch of creature and a human like, talk about life. I swear it is funnier than it sounds.
I'm helping with the story, or at least I will, we're not at that point yet.