Personal Projects

Ah yes, the joy of creation. I'll make individual pages for most of these projects, but I guess I can sum up what they're about here.

Five Rooms and Us Troublemakers are (will be) RPG Maker (MZ) games. In Five Rooms you are a human child, Tim, who ends up stuck in a space loop (like a time loop, but space). Your goal is to escape... or is it ?
Us Troublemakers is inspired by my idea of what Night in the Woods is? Basically it's a NITW inspired game except I hadn't played it when I imagined the game. I am currently playing NITW as I'm writing this.
In Us Troublemakers you incarnate a group of four animal friends who are, well, troublemakers. I don't know what else to say honestly.

Disco Zombie is an interactive comic/point-and-click/rhythm game where you incarnate a zombie unicorn who's also an alien and a magical girl, and you fight evil with the power of your sick moves. Oh yeah.

Mourner of Words, Abyssonaut and PaleoPenguin are metroidvanias. in MoW your weapon is a giant pair of scissors, and you use it to cut throught time and discover why the world was destroyed. It also focuses on the different cultures of this world.
Abyssonaut and PaleoPenguin are both inspired by dreams.
In Abyssonaut you are a diver whose boat got destroyed in a hurricane. Your goal is to recover your equipment to dive deeper in order to climb up the cliff. But what mysetries await in the abysses ?
In PaleoPenguin you are, well, a penguin named Pascal who's digging for dino skeletons ! With your trusty... science.. buddies ?? Paulina and Pablo, analyze the soils and rocks in order to localize the treasured fossils.

Keep On is a very personal story. It is about how life goes on. I can't elaborate more, it's just that.

Aand yeah. Musicals. I had to make my own, didn't I ?
Basically, The Greatest Show Unearthed is a mix of Beetlejuice and The Corpse Bride, and An Unheealthy Obsession is about serial killers in love.